I enjoy art, but I’m not that good at it. I think I could be better if I were more brave. I think if every artist could break through the barriers that hold us back, we’d all be better.

So in the face of what could be harsh criticism of my work, I want to share it. I want to share what’s in my head as I’m painting, I want you to know I kick myself when I get it wrong. I want you to know I have a hard time getting right. I want you to know whatever your challenges are with painting that you are not alone!

Browse through my work, read about it. Some have great detail, others don’t, or they’re old and don’t remember the challenges I faced.

You don’t have to like my work, hell, sometimes I don’t like my work. But I want you to use my experience, my failures, my flaws to better your work!

Free yourself from what holds you back and you will be unstoppable!

Art is Always about Passion, pleasure, Never perfection.

Done is better than perfect, because perfect will never get done.

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