True love finds...

True Love Finds…

Progress: Complete, framed and hanging in a friends home
Size: 24″x48″ – Estimate
Paint: Acrylic

This is one of my favorite works. It’s so simple that it’s beautiful!True Loves Finds..1 I’m sad that I can’t find all the progress pictures I took while working on this.

This is what I would consider my “style” but I haven’t mastered it yet for one major reason, shading. It’s my weak point, but adding shading makes paintings more visually real, at least to me. But this style is more about shadow where there is no shading. This image works well in this style of painting, but visualize if you will more intricate positioning that would require shading to show depth. For example, an arm folded back, without shading to show that depth it would just look like an unrecognizable blob.

So while I love this style, I haven’t figured out all the kinks in it just yet.

So, let me tell you about this truelove011 painting and why I choose its owner. My friend Michael is a wonderful person and was looking for love so I decided to see if I could help. So I painted this symbol under this painting. This is the shield of Saint Mary Magdalene and it supports success in love. Was Mary Magdalene an actual Saint? Was this her actual shield? Does it really promote success at love? Who cares, it’s the idea and belief behind the image that gives it power and after giving this to my friend, he later met and married a wonderful man. Isn’t that enough? Who wouldn’t want this painting hung in their home, especially if you are looking for love?

If  you catch the light at a certain angle you can see the sword handles over the shoulders.

Finally, I want to talk about the use of color in this True Loves finds.2painting. I wanted to show passion and love, the embrace showed that, but the use of red, the color of love as the background was important and a common theme in my love paintings. I choose blue because it’s a peaceful, kind color. The other man was originally green, but green and red are the colors of Christmas and so he became black.

I really like this style and its simplicity. It can’t work for every pose, but it works for this one very well!



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