Tony’s Music

Progress: In Progress
Size: 36″x48″
Paint: Acrylic

This is the very first piece created after this site! So with this, you get to see the purpose of this site to catalog my progress through this piece. Let the fun begin!

This is part two to this piece. MusicYou can see from my list of art that this is similar to another piece I call Tony Music. That¬† is a small piece and I used cheap paint on it, it’s been fading already. So, Tony requested a much larger piece and this is after the first day. I already messed it up about ten times. The color is supposed to be an artist’s (me) interpretation of the Fibonacci Sequence.¬† It is far from an accurate Fibonacci Sequence, but adds to the “funness ” of the art.

One note that’s fun, I used a paint marker for the first lines of the music scale. I bought several of them months ago, but when I got home with them Tony asked me who my favorite painters were, I named off a few and he replied “They would be embarrassed to see you use these.” Tony is awesome in every way and I doubt he knew how that remark struck me like a bullet through my heart. I decided to use them anyway and it was awesome!

Forgive people when they say things that sting, they rarely mean it that way.

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