The First

Progress: Done
Size: 24″x36″
Paint: Acrylic

This is where this whole painting interest began, this is my very first painting I ever created. I was in a dark place in my life at this time. I had just broke up with a very controlling person and I was angry that I had allow him to treat me so poorly. I was living alone and healing from that relationship and you can see it all over this painting.

First, a drew what I know, a hand. The hand is something I’ve drawn many times you can see it through most of my work. This terrible relationship was over and I wanted to get back up and be fine again, so the hand is reaching for a star. I did not know anything about shading at that time, so this hand became shaded by accident! I was trying and trying to get it right and it pissed me off, so I just took the brush and quickly moved it back and forth in anger and there was my shading! It was as though an unseen teacher made me impatient and the result was my first lesson on shading!

To the left, you can see a red heart. It’s hard to see here so I’ll explain what you are looking at. It’s a broken heart that has been sewn together and has a clock around it, symbolizing that time will heal my broken heart.

To the right, you see a black and white earth with color being dropped onto it. At that time, I was certain that I had life figured out and that it was all black and white, but the pain of the relationship showed me that was not the case and so here comes color for my world.

The top right is a sunrise, or sunset depending on your interpretation, I don’t recall which I had in my mind. Was the sun setting on a bad relationship or was the sun rising after the breakup?

Finally, the bottom right. My ex was a Scorpio, you can’t see, but the symbol for Scorpio that looks like an M with a tail is below the eye. I wanted to make sure I would remember to watch out for Scorpios in the future thus the eye is bloodshot.

This hung on my wall for years until I decided it was too dark for my current life and resigned it to the back of my closet.

Not bad for a first painting, no?

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