The Embrace

The Embrace

Progress: In Progress
Size: 36″x36″
Paint: Acrylic

This painting has been in the works for many years, Embrace0it currently hangs in my living room, but is not complete. This is the image I started with. I do not like the typical canvas and prefer canvases that are odd shaped. I know I have a lot of paintings in the typical rectangular shape, but I prefer square. This image was perfect for a square canvas! I love painting love and passion, I think it’s so beautiful to begin with, it seems to me that half the work is done before I even pickup the brush, well, maybe not half.

Embrace1As is my favorite style, this painting began as an abstract, unfortunately, I hit ran into the same issues I run into every time with that style, shading. How canĀ  you show two people in an embrace, but no shading? It will look like a blob. The color I started with was too dark. So before I went too far into the painting, I had to lighten things up a bit. You can see the outline of one of the guys here, painting is a process and I paint without tracing or drawing before hand, I just put down what I see and adjust as I go.

This Embrace2is where I began to run into problems. The feet are angled so they looked weird without shading, but if shade some parts, you have to shade the whole thing so an abstract painting becomes more of realism, kind of, with just colored people. I couldn’t make it work with this painting so they became human color. But that process was not without issue as you’ll see.

Embrace3 This is a bit better and now I can do some shading and angle the feet properly. One of my biggest weaknesses is shadows and blending color properly. This was a tough go Embrace4but came together fairly easily. I do wish I had, had a color photo to work from, it seems like that would have made that process a bit easier, not sure why, but it seems like that. Typically, hands are my specialty. I’ve drawn my hand many, many times in my life, but these hands, all four of them gave me issue, I made them too small, I made them too big, I didn’t capture the angle right. If it weren’t for the hands, I would have finished this long ago!

Embrace5I finally got the basic shading down, but all of the hands are still messed up and even though this painting is not finished it hangs in my living room. I work on it from time to time, but it’s taken a back seat to other projects.

Besides, is a painting ever “done”?

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