Progress: Done
Size: 20″x20″
Paint: Acrylic

When I began college I began with the idea that I would become a psychiatrist! Unfortunately, as time went by I realized I didn’t like school and I didn’t want to extend my stay, or my student loans, any further than was required! So, I changed my major.

However, I was always fascinated by the Rorschach test. What is a Rorschach test you ask? The Yahoo! dictionary defines it as: A psychological test in which a subject’s interpretations of a series of standard inkblots are analyzed as an indication of personality traits, preoccupations, and conflicts.

In layman’s terms, it’s a test of nonsensical images. The human mind is designed to find patterns and relate those patterns to what you know and understand. Showing nonsense will generate the mind to latch on to any similar pattern and could aid in uncovering thoughts and emotions that might need more examination.

I made lots of these when I worked as a bank teller during slow times but only with printing paper and ink.

IMG_1837I was in a therapists office and it popped into my head that I wanted to create one for this therapist, it seemed like great fun! So I did! The first one bombed! I used too much paint and it was raised in the center and I didn’t get it aligned enough and at that point, there was nothing I could do with it but start again.

The second turned out better, but still not perfect. I’ve thought about creating a whole line of these and selling them to therapists. I think it’s a great conversation starter and a great test to see what people see in it!

Rorschach2On the left you see the finished Rorschachproduct. On the right you see it before I added my initials. Can you find my initials?

One of the coolest things about this painting is there is no up, it can hang on any side you like and still be correct!

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