Massage Heaven

Massage Heaven

Progress: Crap, any second could be thrown in the garbage!
Size: 24″x24″
Paint: Acrylic

Occasionally, an image pops into a painters head and that painter can either do something with that gift or ignore it. I think it’s a crime when that is ignored.

Massage HeavenI was having a massage by a very good friend and as she was working on me this image swirled in my head as life’s troubles faded into her hands. I decided it had to be painted.

It’s been fun painting this because I have no regard for other colors and it keeps changing with every brush stroke. Currently, I feel it’s too dark and needs more yellow, white and orange to capture the positive energy aspect of it.

This is also the first painting where I’ve used texture! That was exciting in itself! That is something I learned about in a painting class, I love 3D art and texture is the first step!

The teal color is the favorite color of the massage therapist and also among my favorite as well!

MassageI thought it was too dark, so I tried to lighten it up. Also, I wanted to make the center seem more like an explosion with yellow and orange and some white. I messed that up and had to redo the teal color over the mess-up. I wish I could blend color better, but I think it’s a bit improved.

Occasionally, I ask friends to give me their opinion on  my progress, and it’s a good thing I did! Can you see my mistake?

Let me give  you a hint, think WWII. Yes, my swirl of color you might experience in your head as you are drifting into relaxation during a massage looks like a swastika. Totally unintentional of course. I briefly thought I put happy symbols in my art and the true meaning of a swastika is for good luck. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, that thought didn’t go far and so I decided to change it. worst1

I wanted to make an explosion look in the center, it didn’t turn out well. So I worked on the colors more, it went worse fast.

So, I’ve decided, rather than throw this away, I’m going to make this the worse painting I’ve ever made, I mean clearly it already is that and I’ve created some crappy art!Worst Eh, at least I got rid of the swastika!

This began as a gift for a good friend of mine, but clearly the passion needed to paint is muddied when you are trying to create art for someone else, it seems much easier to get a feel for the passion of an art piece if  you are creating it because you want to not that you have to. This will no longer be a gift, so hopefully I will be able to make something that makes my soul sing.  Or, I could just literally make it my worst painting and see what becomes of it.


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