Progress: Done and hanging on my wall.
Size: 12″x16″
Paint: Acrylic

I think PassionInage this may be my favorite painting I’ve created so far! I have painted free hand, but I prefer to find an image I want to work with and that’s what I did here. I give myself freedom to change the image as I feel the need to fitĀ  my creativity. I wanted to paint passion, and this fit my idea exactly. Of all the human emotions we have in every shade and color, I think passion is the most beautiful! Love is the best, but passion is the most beautiful, to me anyway, and I wanted to paint it and this image is where I started.

I decided to do this smaller than previous paintings. I seem to get bogged down when I do large paintings and I wanted something more manageable for me. Also, I thought the image itself showed what I was wanting to wish for the person who houses the painting, so there are no images under the painting.

There are no words for how I feel when I start out on a painting. PassionDisgust usually works well though. No, that wasn’t accurate for this painting, it seemed I had a strong vision for this one and despite the fact that it looks terrible at this phase, I still saw potential! Working with a smaller painting was good for me, especially working with fast drying acrylic paint! I have yet to try oil, because I have a large collection of acrylic, but I suspect it would be easier to work with.

Next I got into a bit more detail. Passion1I got rid of the weird grey chest and I worked on shading which is certainly not my strongest talent! I wanted to show passion, not lust. What’s the difference? My definition would be Passion would be love mixed with desire, whereas Lust would be desire mixed with longing. To me, they seem very different and I wanted to capture the image of passion, maybe with just a smidgen of lust.

The image had both guys in their underwear, Passion3I didn’t like the angle of the other guys underwear, so he became naked. And though I really don’t like tattoos, the guy in the back has my initials on his arm. Didn’t notice that, did you? I worked in red on the hand on the stomach because I wanted to show more powerful passion. The underwear also needed to show some shading, I mean this is a man after all.

Passion4Finally, I decided they needed more red between their faces and head. I might have crossed this line between passion and lust more than I wanted, but I think this still shows passion very well.

I think I’ll keep this one!

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