Hearts for Amy

Hearts for Amy

Progress: Done and hanging in its new home!
Size: 11″x14″
Paint: Acrylic

This is one of my favorite works. I had dinner with a friend of mine who requested a painting. I don’t do requests because you have to have some connection to the art and you can’t be connected with something you didn’t envision on your own, well, I can’t at least. However, I decided to do it and asked her what she would like to have painted. Big mistake! She said “hearts”. What the F? Hearts? That’s weird, but I already said yes so let’s do this thing!

One of the things I really like doing is painting symbols under the painting. UnkatcheThese symbols can be anything from symbols of health, wealth, happiness whatever really and can be from any religion. In this painting, Unkatche, a North American Indian Goddess who guards against illness and disease is painted under the finished painting! Full disclosure: I have a book that shows this image, but I’ve never found it outside that book, so that could be complete BS. However, isn’t it our energy that we put into an image that gives it its power? So regardless of whether it’s fake or real, it’s the belief that it’s real that makes it real.

So, I bought the canvas and told it what I planned to use it for and as predicted it said nothing. Did I mention I talk to canvases? I do and worse, they talk back! Not in words, but images. This one did not want to talk about hearts that’s for sure! Finally, an image came to me in the form of a swirl of color with a heart on top. Whew! I was beginning to think I was going to have to hand her a blank canvas!

This isn’t what I had in mind. Hearts for AmyThis is complete crap! I need to throw it away and never speak to Amy again so she doesn’t know I failed so badly! No, lets press on.

When I was I was in High School I would waste time when I was bored by drawing my hand. Amy is a mother, what if I paint a mothers hand reaching for a child’s hand? I LOVE IT! Still looks like shit though.

The colors are so wrong, I don’t even know where to begin! The blue is WAY too dark and the green… it’s just not working. Hearts for Amy1Worse, the poor kid only has three fingers! Maybe he was in an accident! Yeah! Alright, I can paint more, I hope.

This heart is too flat! I told her I couldn’t paint hearts! This is all Amy’s fault! This painting will be the reason I never pick up a brush again! I bet I could hide it in the trash can so no one will know how badly I failed.

Alright, I’ll continue but I don’t really see the point.

OK, so now the kid has all his fingers, no need to paint a finger chopping machine in the background. Hearts for Amy3The color though, how dark it is there? I need to lighten it up! I managed to get some curves on the heart. That was rough! Shading is not where my talent is!

At this point, I’ve put so many coats of orange on trying to cover up Unkatche’s tail I need to go buy more orange!

The red in the mother’s hand I thought added warmth that was absent before.

Hearts for Amy4Finally, I toned down the white in the heart and fixed that weird light in the kids wrist and finally, FINALLY almost covered Unkatche’s tail!

I really hope this painting keeps Amy and her family free from illness and disease because I went through hell making this, but finally this canvas and I got to an acceptable stopping point and it now hangs in Amy’s home!

No more requests!

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