Art Class

Art Class

Progress: Incomplete but no longer working on it
Size: 16″x20″
Paint: Acrylic

In October 2014 I took an art class, my first art class outside of high school. I know, youArt Class can tell. It’s OK, I know I’m not a great painter, but I enjoy it so that’s why I do it!

So, they set out a vase and an apple and I think the yellow thing is a pear. Not my typical style, but I’m only here to learn, so let’s do it! I got too little supervision in the beginning and decided to immediately start on the background. The instructor stopped me quickly and started us out with a thinner mix of paint for the back ground.

After the first day, I had what I thought looked like shit! At that point I was thinking about Art Class1not even coming back! This is terrible! Why do I enjoy painting when I create crap like this? Am I blind? What the hell was I thinking with that brown crap in the background? You can’t really see from the picture above, but there is a sheet draped over the back of the table and that is what the brown is all about. A critic told me it looked like a vagina in the background. I realize I haven’t seen that many vaginas in my life, but that sounds like a harsh criticism!

Despite my failure to produce a fine work of art in 2 hours, I decided to return the next day. I had a hard time with this table, it’s ridiculous! Art Class2 It’s a weird pink color, I couldn’t get the color right and I didn’t really like that color, so the best part of painting is you get to create your own world! So, it’s purple now! The fruit began to look like fruit, the apple got a bit creative with a leaf and the table began to take shape. I put a lot of time into that table trying to make it look like it have depth. The vagina, well that stayed much the same.

The next class, I was a little more encouraged because I have a secret when painting! Are you ready for this brilliant idea that everyone knows but not everyone follows? Take pictures of your progress! If you don’t, you can’t really imagine well enough how far you’ve come from session to session. Seriously, if you don’t currently do that, then start!

My weakness is the minutia, the tiny details that make a work of art great. But ahead I went!Art Class3  I worked on the fruit and table mostly and the apple become a bit better and the pear took a giant step back. I tried to get some of the dark out of the pear but went too far and lost most of its shading. That’s annoying and it’s too round. I was pleased with the table coming along pretty well though. I thought I had managed to get depth and the edge of the table and show some texture in the cloth.

Art Class4Four days in and it’s just minutia from here on, the table got darker on the front showing the light was on top, the leaf got a bit more definition, the pear was still uncooperative and there seems to be am issue with this canvas, the top right seemed to have something that wouldn’t take the paint and as a result I put too much paint trying to get some color and it never actually took well. I wanted to make the vase more round at the bottom, but I ran out of time.

Last day of class! Art Class5 More detail is in order and I wanted to give more flare than a simple still life painting exactly what you see and no more, so here’s a flower! What kind? Who cares! I just wanted to make it my own and I enjoyed adding it.

This painting is not done, but I don’t plan to work on it any longer. It was a fun class and I learned a lot! I would recommend if you like art to take a class, even if you don’t think you need to, you get to meet new people who love art and maybe even might inspire you!


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