I am just another person who enjoys art. I do not call myself an artist because I don’t feel that fits me. I am notoriously slow at painting. I have no training. I have only a sense that a lack of training is not something that should hold me back.

I also believe to be a good artist, the artist is required to be a little crazy. You will read that I talk to my canvasses and paintings. Worse, they talk back! Not in words, but images and if that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is! I believe everyone has a little spark of madness, it buffers us from the madness of our world in ways that it can’t be taken from us. Unless we let it die.

My name is Jayson, I live in New York City at this point in my life. I do not want to share my last name because I’m going to share personal and private thoughts with the Internet which, as we all know, there are people crazier than me.

Please make a special note, I am not a great painter! I enjoy it as a hobby and perhaps someday I’ll create a work of art good enough to hang in a museum. Until that time, I’m here to relax, make art and share my challenges with you so that you might skip the mistakes I’ve made.

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